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New Recruiters!

Hey guys, so we've got things moving with PWF. We've hit goals I wasn't expecting to hit for the first three months of our organization. You guys are all awesome members of PWF. So I think we should keep the momentum moving, and I've got a few goals for us listed below. Before you get into the goals though, I want to express some things that have been on my mind. I have been a part of many server communities, and have owned many servers, and have worked for many servers / gaming communities, and you guys, as a collection of people, have been the best ones I have worked with. You have been the most generous, the most kind, the most inviting, and the most behaved, and I want to give you a pat on the back for that. Also, our economy server has brought over 5 new recruits (doesn't seem like much, but it's only been 3 weeks now) into the server, and I want to say, welcome new members, and we hope you enjoy it here. 

Alrighty, big news!

I am going to be working on the growth of PWF for the next couple of months, and I'm going to do the best I can to make these goals, so I want to introduce a new rank to you, recruiter. Recruiters are responsible for bringing new members to PWF. So, who are the recruiters? Good question. I've brought about 61 new recruiters into PWF. You're one of them! Every month starting this Sunday at 3:30pm EST, members will have their recruitments counted and reset. The one with the most website recruitments wins the amount scale listed below. This is a cool thing we can offer, and I am glad we can. Just to let you know, if each one of you invited one player, we could cross off 3 goals immediately.

PWF Goals:
  • 70 Members
  • 90 Members
  • 100 Members
  • 120 Members
  • 150 Members
  • 250 Members
  • 500 Members
PWF Recruitment Prizes:
(Total Month Donations to PWF | Amount Rewarded to top recruiter of month)
  • $10 | $3.50
  • $20 | $8
  • $30 | $12
  • $40 | $18
  • $50 | $20
  • $60 | $22
  • $80 | $30
  • $100 | $37
  • $200 | $70
To get your website recruitment link, click your name at the top of this page, and then click "USER PANEL" Under your info about posts and memebrs referred, there will be a line of text that says "To refer a member to this board, direct them to " This is your referral link. It will be how you refer members to this site. It will only count if the user creates a profile. Inactive members will be purged the Saturday before referrals are reset, so inactive members will not contribute to your referral count. Thanks so much for all that you do for PWF.
Co-Founder of the PlayWithFriends group.

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About us

Play With Friends is a group dedicated to playing games with each other. We are a community, not a clan.

We care about our members and bring class and respect to each other. PlayWithFriends group is associated with Omnikraft Survival Server.