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Introduce Yourself

Name: RoughRider360
What games do you play?: I play things like Minecraft, Brawlhalla,  Town of Salem, CSGO (If my computer could handle it)
What's your best life moment: Probably right now achieving all A's in the 6th grade. Was a very tough one, but it really payed out...
What hobbies do you enjoy: I like doing YouTube, and also strangely enough I like school. Don't love it as much as I used to, but I still like it.


Name: DrCool, DrCoolundrscr (variations including DrCoolMC, DrCool_ and DrCoolnds), Curtis
What games do you play? : Minecraft, TF2, Unturned, DiRT 3 and this sort of knock off game of TF2 called Batla (although I really only play it with my younger relatives and friends).
What's your best life moment? : I would say the day I found out about the Internet, but that's been something I found out from a really young age, so I wouldn't be able to describe it. I don't really have one (yet).
What do you like about your career path/schooling? : I am the only classmate. That's a great advantage on my part.
What hobbies do you enjoy? : Making / reading memes, piano, violin, YouTube, TV & technology.

Not-so-well-known fact about me: I am a whovian. Smile
What do you get when you cross a joke and a rhetorical question?

Name: IrishBeast
What games do you play? : I play Rust mostly, a bit of Team fortress 2 and I have started playing CS:GO recently Which I am really enjoying!
What's your best life moment? : My best life moment is probably how on my second outing in my local competition pipe band I was center of the front line It just felt great being out in front and seeing all the people who had gathered to watch and listen to us.
What do you like about your career path/schooling? : I don't really have a career path set in stone yet but I hope to be a carpenter as my favourite subject in school is woodwork and I would still be able to play music as it wouldn't take as many hours as an office job.
What hobbies do you enjoy? : I enjoy building/taking apart computers in my spare time, but, mainly I love playing the bagpipes, ever since I got started on them they have opened up so many oportunities for me.

Name: Taiyoji! Hi Big Grin

What games do you play? : Too many, the main ones are Warframe, GW2, Town of Salem, Total War Games, Rainbow Six Siege, Watch Dogs 2, and a few others.

What's your best life moment? : My best life moment was either when I got top 3 at the YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix) or passing duel credit courses so far with an A 

What do you like about your career path/schooling? : I just like learning in general soooooo......

What hobbies do you enjoy? : Video games, art, youtube watching, and writing.

Games: Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft
Played Minecraft for six years and am still a noob
Professional Noob


Name: Alyssa/Ally/Ally_saurusrex/whatever nickname my friends have given me that day
What games do you play? : Mainly Minecraft, Starbound, The Forest, and Sims 3+4 
What do you like about your career path/schooling? : well, high school is high school, but I hope to get into the psychology/ neuropsychology field when I leave
What hobbies do you enjoy? : Playing guitar, video games, writing, petting every soft animal I see 

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