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Poll: Will you be there?
This poll is closed.
Of course!
3 50.00%
1 16.67%
Sorry, I can't.
2 33.33%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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Chess Event

Hey guys, your poll results are in, and it seems you guys all wanted chess! So, we will be doing a tournament-style chess event this weekend.


On Saturday at 8:30PM EST, please join our event chat channel, which will be giving crucial information for this event. Once everyone is in, we will create a tournament bracket with the people who will be attending. We have decided that the easist website to do this with, will be a website called This website will allow us to easily create games with other members. One person per game will be required to start the game and share the URL for their game. This is easy, and the steps will be shown in another post closer to the event. If you're able to attend, please vote "Of Course!" on the poll above!

Please join our Discord to stay updated with our latest events, you can join it by looking at this forum post here:

The winner will be put up as the "Player of The Week" and will be put into a drawing that will be held at the end of the year! See you there! Smile
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About us

Play With Friends is a group dedicated to playing games with each other. We are a community, not a clan.

We care about our members and bring class and respect to each other. PlayWithFriends group is associated with Omnikraft Survival Server.