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Event for this weekend - Deani1232 - 04-23-2017

Hey guys, we're looking to choose an event for Saturday of this week, and we want your input. We could do a couple of cool things, and we'd like you to vote. Before you do, I want to let you know we will have a VERY SPECIAL week after this event, and the event of Saturday, May 6th will be AWESOME. *We've been working on it for months.* So get your friends, and we're gonna have the best of times... no Tale Of Two Cities reference intended! You will hear more about this special stuff coming up on Monday of not next week, but Monday May 1st. It's going to be so much fun and I can't wait to be there!

Alright, to our polls:

RE: Event for this weekend - TwelvePointFive - 04-25-2017

If TF2 wins, I'd suggest we divide the event into two halves: One that will be more fun and chaotic, and another part that will be competitive and serious, and people can choose which they would like to play in (or both).