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Villager Despawning

As many of you know, EUE was very fortunate at the start of the map by finding a villager with a mending trade! Yesterday, a zombie decided to take a sizable bite out of his face, leaving him a zombie villager. No big deal I thought. I set forth on a quest to get materials, a special thank you to CalderaTheArcane for supplying us with a blaze rod! Upon returning to the base to heal this poor soul, I found that he must've moved out! In other words, I have found myself to be most acrimonious in regards to the situation and have since done some research into this problem. Villagers can be killed by hostile mobs. This did not happen, as the light levels are above 7 inside the base. This begs the question of how the original zombie got there in the first place. I don't know. Now knowing that he was safe, other than the fact that he was a zombie villager, I could see no other reason that he would despawn. I assume that we are running the server on spigot, which has had some issues with mobs spawning in well lit areas, and I have also found a link about villager despawning on the spigot site: 

Thank you for you attention in this matter
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If I understand what you're saying, this seems normal. Since zombie villagers are hostile mobs they will despawn. That your question, no?

Spigot mob mechanics are terrible...for the last several days was working on a large scale project that did involve many mobs and worked great on a test server on Vanilla but not at all here.

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