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Share your loadout!

Here's a place to share your most used loadouts in TF2. To begin, I'll share mine. There are more than this, but these are my all around most used loadouts.

Stock Scattergun - Nothing quite beats it!
Mad Milk - Gotta help the team
The Sandman - DONK!

The Airstrike - Just jump in the air and unleash fury! You can also have a clip of up to 8 rockets.
The Conch - Good for the teammates
The Escape Plan - Good for nope-ing out

Pyro (my most played)
The Backburner - Great when flanking and getting begins the enemy
Flare Gun - Lets you be really annoying, or follow up the flames with a crit
The Powerjack - Gotta go fast

Stock Minigun - Does its job well
Sandvich - Nom Nom Nom
Gloves of Running Urgently - Gives Heavy way more mobility

Demo (my least played)
Stock Everything

Rescue Ranger - Clutch sentry grabs are the best
Stock Pistol
The Jag - Builds fast. Always crits.

Stock Shotgun/Widowmaker - Depends on aim
Stock Pistol
Gunslinger - Bap

Crusader's Crossbow - You either hurt someone or heal someone
Stock Medigun
The Ubersaw - Gets Uber in no time, plus it always crits

Stock Sniper Rifle
Razorback - I hate spies.
Tribalman's Shiv - I hate spies.

Diamondback - Free crits just for doing what you would usually do
The Big Earner - Great for chainstabs
The Dead Ringer/Cloak and Dagger - Depends if the enemy knows what they're doing

Scattergun, Mad Milk and Default Bat

The Black Box (Cow Mangler 5000 when I need more power), The Concheror and The Pain Train (for capping)

The Degreaser, Flare Gun and Homewrecker

The Lock-n-Load, Stickybomb (Default), and Pain Train (for capping)

Huo-Long Heater, Sandvich and Gloves of Running Urgently

1: Frontier Justice, Pistol, Gunslinger
2: Widowmaker, Wrangler, wrench

Syringe Gun, Quick-Fix (sometimes swap out with Medi-Gun), Vita-Saw

I don't play as Sniper or Spy
I haven't lost my mind, it's backed up on tape... somewhere...

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