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keffz23 (Purebro23) Economy application

The rules regarding our forum found here are also true for our economy server, it follows our Keep It Classy motto. What do these rules mean, and why are they important to enforce?

We are a community with a mission, which can be found here. What does this mission statement mean to you, and what can you do to make our mission successful?

What strengths and weaknesses do you have in your personality?

What do you do to combat those weaknesses?

What ways have you used your strengths to achieve something great?

Do you have a favorite emoji?

What motivates you to live your life every day?

What's something interesting about you?

In Game Name = "Purebro23" (I am not Purebro, I am his friend.)

It means to me that we all have a good and safe enviorment for crafting here on minecraft.

To make our gaming world successful I can help build and set spawns and enforce the rules which are very important to follow.

I have many strengths and I have many weaknesses.  I'm going to start you off on a good note by telling you what my strengths are.  I'm a good student in school, with a 3.5 and above Gpa.  I have a good family and a nice laptop.  I'm usually good at being on and ready to help with whatever as long as its in my ability.  Now for my weaknesses.  I have been in trouble before and get my computer taken away but not very often.  I don't know very many of my weakness I guess that I'm not a very good at pvp, and I don't know every command but I know a reasonable amount.

To combat my weaknesses I try to work on them.  For example in basketball if  I cant get my free throws down I work on it until I get it down and can make the shots.  For example when in Minecraft when I see a hacker that kills me I go after him and try to report him if possible.

I use my strengths to help other people in the world of life and the wonderful life of Minecraft.  In minecraft I, for example when playing a game such as bed wars with my fellow friends we use our strengths like I am good at getting diamonds and building bridges and he works on protecting the bed because he has a good strength method.

My favorite emoji is the crying emoji because I lie the look of it and how its crying and laughing at the same time.

In everyday life I have many different things that motivate me. For example when I see successful people I get motivated to be like them and have a life where I can have the stuff I need and knowledge I need for a good life.

There are many interesting things about me.  On interesting thing about me is that I run Track and Cross country.  In Minecrat I am a pretty good builder and enjoy building spawns.  Another interesting thing about me is that I enjoy helping out servers on minecraft with anything I can do to help.
Thank you for reading my application and have a great day.

First things first, it looks like you forgot to answer the first two questions. Once you get those filled out, we can move along with your application. Thanks!

(05-04-2017, 06:48 PM)TwelvePointFive Wrote: First things first, it looks like you forgot to answer the first two questions. Once you get those filled out, we can move along with your application. Thanks!

yea I was told thanks though I have now answered those questions

Denied. I don't feel comfortable letting you on after noticing some suspicious and immature behavior from you.

On another server (you know where I'm talking about) you changed your name to nearly match Purebro, an admin there. ( You then later denied accusations as him that you were stealing or greifing and tried to make yourself look innocent ( You were also staff at one point there, and were demoted for also abusing your privileges.

This behavior, even as a joke, is not at all appropriate. This past behavior doesn't make me feel good about letting you on. The other server's admins have been alerted of this, and are deciding whether you will receive a ban there too.

You may apply later on when you feel like you're ready and moved past this.

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