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Sample City Page - Acasa

Town of Acasa

City Announcements:
  1. Make sure to pay your rent on time! Your plots will dissapear forever!
Our History
Since it's founding years ago, Acasa has been the premiere town of this world. From what started from gravel and some really large plots, members from the original economy server built this town to what it is today. From that server, GlitchedJazz used the world, modified it, improved it, and built it up to what it is today. The town grew little by little into a masterpiece waiting to be discovered by the people of Craftrum. The signature boat out in front of the town is the symbol of extravagance and high land valuess that comes with Acasa.

Live in Acasa
There are plenty of commerical plots and apartments availble in Acasa, and you'll get the feeling of the intense downtown by living here. If your're interested and want to learn more, stop by Acasa, and either find a real estate agent or purchase a plot for yourslef.
You can find our real estate advertisement here: LINK - This is a dummy link, but you would normally post the link to your page on the real estate advertisement forum.

Travel to Acasa
You can travel to Acasa by going to the Embassy and right clicking on the warp sign to Acasa.
Coords can also be used: 0,64,0 - Dummy coords, but this might be where you would put coords to your embassy. Acasa has no embassy tho Sad

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