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So you've got this nice business rolling, and you've got a steady source of income, but it's come time where there's just too much work to do by yourself... so what do you do? You hire someone.
Here's a format you can do for a hiring inquiry, feel free to change this to your needs, but this is how we suggest you do it.
Firstly, you should talk about what you are looking to hire, you might use this template  to do so:

Firstly, talk about yourself, introduce yourself, explain what company you work for and in what position. I would recommend doing this in paragraph form.
What's your IGN?
What's your company name?
What's your position in the company?

Second, you might want to talk about what your company does. If you have an advertisement somewhere, feel free to write a short summary and just link the thread here. Pictures might also help members.

Third, you will want to explain what jobs you are hiring for, what profession are you looking for people to do, etc.

Fourth, you will want to tell someone what they will get in return for their work.

Fith, you will want to create an application template. You are responsible for moderating this forum and hiring these members after they have filled in your application template. Staff will not be of assistance if something is to go wrong. You might ask a player a question like "What is your IGN?" and "What skillsets/experience do you have?" or perhaps  "What do you bring to the team?".

Sixth, after you have accepted an employee, you must provide them with your own guides for how they should do their job. Staff will not explain to players what to do. All terms of employment must be established with the player independently from the staff team. This is not our responsibility.

And that's how you hire members. Sorry if this seems daunting, but I believe it will be for best results.
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