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Economy Server Rules

There are certain rules pertaining to our economy server, most of which are common sense, but please take the time to review these.
Also, all rules pertaining to the forums are true for our economy survival server. You can view those here.

Please do NOT do the following things on our server:

1.  Use cheats i.e. flying, x-ray
We are very good at catching cheaters, don't think you can get away with it. Consider that if you're going to cheat, doing it OFF of our server. We don't appreciate that here.

2.  Impersonate us
We are staff members because we care about the community and how people interact with each other. If you have a problem with another player, DO NOT ADDRESS IT YOURSELF. Send a staff member a private message. We will handle it professionally.

3.  Advertise
We are NOT an advertising platform. What does this mean? It means you should NOT be advertising other products, servers, etc. If you have something you simply must share with the community, we have a forum for that. Write a post on the forum and share the link of the post to our game chat Smile

4.  Build unsightly structures
Don't ruin our landscape with unsightly structures. The economy server seed is awesome, and has plenty of stuff to see... unless you've blown it all up. This act is WRONG. Don't build 1x1 towers, who wants to see those? Don't build obscene structures. Don't do it, we don't want to see it.

5.  Ask for staff favors.
Don't do this. Most staff members don't even have creative mode. They don't need it because we don't dispense items like crazy. If you need something, feel free to ask, but don't be surprised if we say no. We will do our best to help you, but we are in no way giving you an unfair/privileged help.

6.  Spam the chat
If we see something as spamming, whether it's for your shop, or for your server we will remove your privilege to be on the server. We don't appreciate this, and other players don't either.

7.  Bypass the AFK kicker
The AFK kicker is there for a reason, and will kick you after 15 minutes. Trying to bypass this using AFK pools, farms, or any other method will get you kicked off or further punished if you continue to do it.
Co-Founder of the PlayWithFriends group.

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About us

Play With Friends is a group dedicated to playing games with each other. We are a community, not a clan.

We care about our members and bring class and respect to each other. PlayWithFriends group is associated with Omnikraft Survival Server.