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Guide: Connecting to the PWF TF2 server

Here's how to connect to the TF2 server!

Already have Console set up?
Type: connect

What the heck is a Console?
Glad you asked! Here's how to set up the console in TF2.

1) On the Main Menu, click Options at the bottom.
2) Under the first settings tab (Keyboard) hit the 'Advanced...' button at the bottom of the window.
3) Check 'Enable Developer Console', then hit OK, close the settings windows, etc.
4) The default key for toggling the console is `. Press it!
5) In the bar at the bottom, type this: connect
6) You should connect to the server if it is online. If you're prompted for the password, it's pwf001

That's it! You should be good to go! If you ever need to reconnect, hit the ` key again to pull up the console, and pressing the UP arrow should automatically bring up the last thing you typed into it. If now, use the command from earlier.

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