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Building our Community | Why's PWF different?

Okay, so community is something that sets us apart from all the guilds, clans, fan groups, competition team etc. Let's take a look at what those things are real quick.

When I Googled what a clan really was, I got this answer:

Quote:in computer and video gaming, a clan, community, guild or faction is an organized group of players that regularly play together in one or more multiplayer games, but is focused on a particular game.

We are organized, a group of players, and we all enjoy playing games with each other. We aren't focused on a particular game because people like different things. First and foremost, we wanted to appeal to people, so we wanted to make a fun community for the small group of us, and we knew that if we enjoyed it, other people would too. The group leaders, including myself wanted to create the utopia of gaming communities, so first we set out to find what we didn't like about gaming communities.

The following are direct quotes from websites we found.

What's wrong with the gaming community?
Well, in the words of other people...

Quote:I stopped reading the comments on most gaming related sites, because everything you read these days is hate and (false) cynicism.
I think most of the people just want to show how “the hype mashine doesn’t work on me” or “I’m like totally smart and above all of this”.

What's our opinion on this? It's just plain sad. People don't like being part of gaming websites because of the members not being classy. The reason I say it's not classy is that we, as a community, treat all people with respect as part of our "keep it classy" motto, and whatever you might think, a game (most of the time) is not generated by a computer. Games are made by actual people that are doing their best to try to make something the general public will like. We don't trash games based on their quality, or judge them based on their funding, we just want to be supportive of the gaming community. We have programmers on our team that have made games, and not one has made it to the best selling list on Steam, but we've supported every moment of their progress. If you're a programmer, you can feel confident releasing your games with us, we want nothing but to help you. No comment on the "Hype machine", but I do know that we all apreciate releases.

Quote:People need to realize, that this is, in fact, an industry.
Games are made to make money, not to make you happy.

Yes, games are made to make money, and the game itself needs to make money to support the developers, however, gaming companies have to make games people like in order to sell their games. With the gaming industry, and customer satisfaction, there needs to be a medium ground. That's what our gaming community does. Everything is better with friends, and we know this. That's why, no matter what the game is we're playing, we stick around and play it. Some of our members have never played Town of Salem, a recent event, or Unturned. However, everyone who was able to gave it a shot, and that's the beauty of this gaming community. Although people hadn't played those games before.... we all played it together and had a blast. Looking at family game nights, Games aren't really the thing that made you happy, just the fact of playing it with people you enjoy being around made you happy.
Quote:What happened? Did I miss out on something or am I just incredibly slow with this stuff. But since when did this pastime we did for fun turn into such a huge toxic community of people telling each other to end their lives.

Sadly, the community has become toxic... but what can we do to fix this? We keep it classy. There's a good point made in this post. Gaming is supposed to be fun, as a pasttime we all enjoy. Why did it become this way? Because companies/websites that tolerated this behavior let it happen. We're trying to reverse the damage, because gaming isn't gaming anymore. It's just a collection of shitposts and hate. I like the word toxic used in this quote, because it's a great example of what the gaming community actually has become... Toxic. Join us and leave the toxicity behind. Most of our event servers are private servers hosted by the lovely TwelvePointFive, and we now can leave the others behind. In the competitive teams we have, we definately don't tolerate that behavior, and we expect our members to be the glowing beacon of kindness in every game they play? Is it too much to ask? Yes. Why do we expect it? Well, that's becaause our members DIDN'T HAVE TO BE ASKED, they did it naturally.

Quote:The self-esteem boost kind of makes sense because from what I understand most players play certain games because they have to vent out their frustrations of every day life. And I just assume that if they don't really enjoy their experience they just end up venting their negative emotions towards other players?

We avoid this with our Discord. Our supportive members can talk to any one of us privately at any time because they've had a bad day. We understand it happens, and we again, are very supportive of our members. If you're frustrated, you should come talk to us, even if you've not been to one event in our community. One more person we can help is one more step towards two people being happy, the person who helped, and the person who seeked help.

Alright, we know what's wrong. How are we fixing it?
By being people who care.

We have a rule, not rules.
This is elaborated above with responses to those specific examples, but I will touch on some things we have been doing to make this the great community we want it to be. First, we created the ever simple Keep It Classy Motto. A general rule is much better than 100 different ones, and with proper interpretation, it is adapted much better by staff members. The Keep It Classy motto is simple enough to be understood by all members, but extensive enough to take care of people who don't understand it.

Staff are members, not spectators.
We have moderators who go through an extensive process to be where they are. This includes leadership training, participation, and overall many personality tests to find the right people to be on the right team. Staff members have to contribute to the community as a member, and that's our biggest concern when looking for moderators. If you can't participate, how are you going to help others participate? That's why we hand pick our staff, and there's such a tough application process.

We are a group, not a guild.
Why is the obession with guilds? You aren't limited to one game here. Let's say you join a TF2 community because you found them on a Google search... and you really like the people there, but you loose interest in TF2 and enjoy playing CS:GO... oh well. You've got to make new friends in a CS:GO community, but they might not be like your last ones. We commit to playing games because we like playing with the members, not because we like playing the game (although we do like playing the games, that's why we're here).

People feel they are actually in a community.
Let's release the old myth that everyone has to keep to themselves and trash everything they see or play. People here are asked to be mature, classy, and caring. With this, we can grow our community, and find more like-minded people that just want to be part of something more than a guild. And there's a reason there's a huge portion of people who are in our Steam group have ours listed as their primary group. All of the quotes from above are from real people who are frustrated with the current gaming community. That's the reason we set out to be different.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is our mission statement.
We aren't trying to be like others.
We want to be the glowing beacon.
Not because we were asked...
but we saw something bad
and we wanted to make a difference.

Support PWF in our mission
It's accomplished with members...
and you're our recruiters.

Thank you for all of you who do great things
for our community. 
Please accept this hug from the staff members.
Co-Founder of the PlayWithFriends group.

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