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(06-26-2017, 01:38 AM)ninjafly77 Wrote: The rules regarding our forum found here are also true for our economy server, it follows our Keep It Classy motto. What do these rules mean, and why are they important to enforce? It means that you need to respect your staff members and player and why because you need to follow them and remind your friend and player of the rules.

We are a community with a mission, which can be found here. What does this mission statement mean to you, and what can you do to make our mission successful? mean we all treat eachother like family and i can make it successful by treat everyone fairly and as a family

What strengths and weaknesses do you have in your personality?Well my strengths are family and friends my weakness is family if someone say something bad about my family i will go on a rage.

What do you do to combat those weaknesses? Try to ignore them

What ways have you used your strengths to achieve something great? What will make my family happy

Do you have a favorite emoji? Smile

What motivates you to live your life every day? my mother

What's something interesting about you? well I have a rp community for gta v and arma 3

Did someone refer you? If so, what is their screen name?

Hi there Ninja. We no longer have a whitelist and this forum is just here for reference, so welcome to Craftrum!
You can join by going to!
See you on the server  Smile
Co-Founder of the PlayWithFriends group.

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